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Skrillex & Nero - Game Over

You know it really is game over when Skrillex and Nero come together to produce a monstrous concoction like this.  Just imagine the most badass fight scene you can imagine, and press play.  Here, I’ll even help

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Skrillex - Voltage

Apparently this is supposedly the final version of Skrillex’s “Voltage,” from the album of the same name.  Skrillex starts “Voltage” off with some deja vu, using a sample of “Cinema" by Benny Benassi (which he remixed in the past) before jumping in with his own vocals and giving this song a new life of its own.  It’s an interesting track, but I’m still not sure if it matches the quality of his material from Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.  


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Foreign Beggars - Still Gettin It (VIP Mix) Feat. Skrillex

I always enjoy the work Foreign Beggars and Skrillex do together.  They’ve got a chemistry that seems to always have them working on the same page.  I haven’t seen more consistent dubstep-infused rap from anyone else out there. 


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Skrillex - Breathe

"Breathe" is definitely a step in a different direction for Skrillex.  It doesn’t feature the familiar dubstep drops that we’re used to.  Instead, it’s a much more mellow, ambient track that highlights some of the other aspects of Skrillex’s music that we’ve all come to love over the last year, including his familiar vocal sampling style.  Skrillex’s new song definitely does provide a nice fresh breath of air (see what I did) to his usual wild library, but if you’re like a lot of Skrillex fans, you’ll find yourself waiting for a dubstep drop that just never comes.   

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Avicii - Levels (Skrillex Remix)

Oh my.  Avicii & Skrillex together?  You know what to expect.  Actually, you probably don’t.  Just assume it’s great and press play. 

KoRn - Narcissistic Cannibal Feat. Skrillex & Kill The Noise

It seems like KoRn and Skrillex have formed a pretty formidable partnership as they both try to expand upon their sounds.  This second go around definitely sounds much more polished than their last effort, as they both seemed to have found their grooves together.  I wonder if this is a sound KoRn is going to continue to pursue, or if they’re going to ever get back to sounding like their older body of work.  Maybe it’ll be a blend of both? 

(Source: / Roadrunner Records)

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XV - Boss Level

I’m really digging the Chrono Trigger artwork, but the song needs to grow on me.  I didn’t even think it’d be possible for anyone to rap over “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”  The flow just sounds a little forced on this one.  


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Skrillex - Syndicate

EA needed someone to produce an appropriate theme for their upcoming video game, Syndicate, and who better to call other than Skrillex?  It’s a pretty decent track, but elements of it sound oddly similar to Skrillex’s previous video game related track, “Reptile’s Theme” from Mortal Kombat.  Listen and see if you can spot the similarities as well

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SebastiAn - Love In Motion (Skrillex’s Funkt-Out Remix) Feat. Mayer Hawthorne

The original version of this track was pretty funky already, so I could have never imagined Skrillex taking a crack at it.  He does a great job with it though, making it even more enjoyable than the original version.  This is also probably the happiest song Skrillex has ever made/remixed.  

Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)

Umm, this isn’t freaky at all…

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Nero - Promises (Nero & Skrillex Remix)

Nero recruits the help of Skrillex to produce a much darker (and scarier) remix to his single, “Promises.”  This is probably one of the craziest dubstep tracks I’ve heard in awhile, mostly because you’d don’t expect the dub portion coming at all. It starts off beautifully, with Sub Focus crooning about broken promises and a buildup that you would expect more in an electro house track. 


Nero - Promises (Original Mix) Feat. Sub Focus

I’ve included the original track as well just so you can compare the differences between the two versions.

Nero - Promises (Calvin Harris Remix)

I’m not a big fan of this one, but it is different enough from the other two to warrant its inclusion.


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KoRn - Get Up Feat. Skrillex

Damn, I DID NOT see this collaboration coming at all.  Then again, I don’t think I’ve seen anything from KoRn in a longtime.  I was a bit skeptical and excited at the same time when I pressed the play button, but after listening, i definitely think the pair did a great job.  Skrillex doesn’t dominate the song at all, but he definitely adds his own touch to it, creating a pretty unique sound.  It’s great to see genres blending together so steadily.  

Here’s what frontman Jonathan Davis had to say:

"I heard a few of Skrillex’s re-mixes and really felt there would be a good chance that he would have the right sensibility to connect us to a new hard sound and direction, but still keeping Korn guitars and our vibe," frontman Jonathan Davis tells SPIN. "We were just thinking of trying something new, to be honest, so I had my manager reach out to the Skrillex camp. When we got into the studio the connection was instant!"


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Skrillex - Equinox (Original Mix)

I don’t have much information about this, other than it’s new/unreleased Skrillex that he’s been playing live at his shows for awhile now.  That’s really all you need to know though right?  Be careful though, because this has a heavier dose of dubstep than many of you might be used to.  


Skrillex - Reptile

Here’s another one that appears to be a rough version.  I guess it’s a new theme song for Reptile from the Mortal Kombat series for the newest video game in the series.  The song is also supposedly set to appear on the game’s soundtrack entitled Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors which will be produced by JFK of MSTRKFT and feature such other producers as 9th Wonder, LA Riots, Congorock, and Run DMT.  


(Source: fuckyeahelectronicmusic)

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Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) Feat. Gary Go

Skrillex takes Benny Benassi’s single and flips it over on its head.  The song is completely unrecognizable from the original fast-paced, super happy tune.  Not only did he slow the song down, but he adds some dubstep elements to it as well.  This is definitely the best remix of this track to come out yet.  


Previous:  Benny Benassi - Electro Man Feat. T-Pain | 12th Planet - Needed Change Feat. Skrillex


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12th Planet - Needed Change Feat. Skrillex

Damn, the West Coast has been producing some quality music lately.  This new track from the left coast dubstep aficionados, will absolutely kill your brain cells while you listen to it. (Sorry if the quality of my posts decreases after this, because I’ve been playing this non-stop since I first heard it.) So as long as you enjoy that feeling, I definitely recommend listening to this one, because both of these guys definitely came through with some quality product.  



12th Planet & Skrillex - Father Said

Here’s another dope track that the two DJ’s previously collaborated on.



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